Computer & Network Services


Small businesses and homes have it rough when it comes to getting reliable, professional computer & network support; with many companies charging top-tier rates for less than top-tier work. NetEdify is here to bring you professional support with a focus on security, organization, practical solutions, and clear communication. Let's make your computing systems the least of your worries.

Available in Salt Lake County and surrounding areas

8am–6pm, Monday through Saturday

Phone: (801) 441-0233


Network Configuration & Troubleshooting

Bringing the highest performance and reliability to your network.

PC Repair & Upgrades

Resolving issues and ensuring your systems work to their fullest.

Security Hardening

Maximizing your network's defenses against malicious actors.

Professional WiFi Installation

Cutting edge, reliable, and high-performing WiFi setups.

Fanless PC and Server Builds

No moving parts, no noise, high reliability.

Documentation & Diagramming

Bringing organization and clarity to your network.